like i get it, you probably don’t like to repeat yourself

but the dogs were barking, i could not hear you easily, so i asked again

there was no need to come at me and look as if you were going to take a swing because i asked who was here

nvm my mom’s a fucking fuck

'm gonna go lay on the couch


the saga of triangle man

silentconventionalweapon said:

No. Noelfrost forever 2k14.

I mostly agree* for various reasons, many of them being familiarity and me being lazy

*2k14 is, in fact, not forever


silentconventionalweapon said:

This one reminds me of you for some reason

Yugs was my icon for about a year or two, so I’d be surprised if people didn’t get reminded of me

Though I’m assuming you’re referring to this one

Which is pretty much my permanent facial expression

So yeah, I understand it both ways 


'Im gonna need to see some ID sir'


'Im gonna need to see some ID sir'

French vanilla coffee is slowly becoming my lifeblood