After all that arguing and anger, I feel like I want to puke

Today was fine, pretty good all things considered

There’s still some things that upset me, and stick to me, and they’ll be there for a long time, if not forever

Oh well

Time for bed




This makes my day okay




This makes my day okay

I wish they wouldn’t make fun of my colorblindness as much as they do

Heh, we got another check, so they have to go back to the bank

I find it almost odd how many good things have happened today

I don’t know if this’ll last, I actually doubt it will, but this is the least stressed out I’ve been in weeks in terms of money/survival

Which is something that I’ve been way too worried about, so this is a major relief


I guess being kind and doing things for others really does give some good karma

Or maybe my dads birthday is just bringing all this good stuff

I dunno, but at least I’ll be able to eat for a few weeks without worrying about having enough

Home again

It went fine, nothing much to talk about to be honest

Grabbed the game

Pretty happy about that

Going to eat something, and then probably play a lot

Today was fine, all things considered

Not much time to talk

Gonna be going out and doing a few things, getting that game is one of them

Though I’m already being guilted about it as I guess they didn’t know where I wanted to go

Something about fucking everything up

Oh well

I’ll try to enjoy myself