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Trying to capture the dook in action



cat stuck in a bathtub

the face of a broken man

So our newest cat, the like beige and black one, he got into a few little fights with our first cat, my cat

And for a while, he had a scab/scratch on the back of his neck, well the other day, at dinner, my mom goes “I can’t believe how that fur came in”

And I was confused, I thought he just had a scab on his neck and I hadn’t tried to pet it in a while, but after a little conversing about it with my mom, I reached over to him to pet his neck, and it wasn’t there

The scratch healed completely, and the beige fur was replaced by black fur

I did not know that cats could do that



Oh my g look at this cutie

get this bird into a seat of political power



Come on, Groot, do it for the Vine.

Peter Quill after discovering the Internet. (via patrickat)

"Why would he do it for another vine? He has many vines."

 - Drax, upon hearing this conversation

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